dinsdag 27 oktober 2020

Keep control over your fashion supply chain with VMI via EDI (BetaFashion ft. FashionUnited eBusiness)

The latest COVID news from all around Europe encourages us to contact you. The cuts in private and business life are significant due to (partial) lockdowns. We want to keep you informed, support you and share possible solutions with you. 

History is repeating - unfortunately!
But what have we learned from the 1st lock downs, earlier in 2020?
By clicking this
link you will find our collected thoughts and insights on the lessons learned.

It is more important than ever to keep control of your company and your supply chain.
The traditional approaches no longer work - overstocks of bad sellers and out-of-stock stocks of bestsellers can no longer be accepted - every piece counts and will make the difference.
Being on the road and being in daily contact with your retailers is not allowed, but how can you still be one step ahead and always be informed?
BetaFashion has a solution that allows you to replenish, replace and introduce new styles for all POS of your retail partners, with just the push of a button - simple and relaxed; even from home.

FashionUnited eBusiness is the preferred EDI partner to exchange data across the international fashion supply chains, between: brands, retailers and BetaFashion.

Let us help you and work together! What about a call to get to know each other?
  BetaFashion    : +31 628 576610    dz@beta.fashion  
    FashionUnited : +31 653 137303    steven.witteveen@fashionunitedebusiness.com

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